Bye Bye Bunny

Year: 2010
Duration: 3' 13"

Every year 33,000 rabbits end up abandoned and sheltered in rescues across the UK. 50 of those bunnies live at ‘Fat Fluffs’, a rescue centre, run by Chloe Hennegan. Bye Bye Bunny opens a small window into the life of Chloe: an aircraft engineer who has drastically changed her life to take care of 50 unwanted bunnies until they are re-homed. Chloe takes you through her emotional experience in Animal Rescue, revealing how her love for bunnies has also affected her married life.

Extra Info:
Raising awareness about the 33,000 unwanted rabbits across UK rescues, the film reveals how ‘appearance can fool the eye’. In fact, because of their sweet fluffy look, baby bunnies have always been an impulse buy for many families with young children. Wrapped up with a red ribbon around their neck, baby bunnies are often given as Easter presents to please kids. Truth comes hitting rabbit owners when they soon realize that these cute animals may turn into biting, moody, ‘hormonal teenagers’.